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Cover of book titled Mineral Policies

Mineral Policies provides a record of an art residency organized by the ZETA Center for Contemporary Art in the mining region of Bulqiza in northeastern Albania, where four artists and activists from Albania, Blerta Hoçia, Diana Malaj, Pleurad Xhafa, and Ergin Zaloshnja, created a collective body of works in close proximity with the local miners, while still maintaining their own discrete spheres of action. This residency was followed by a public exhibition, Each Strike Leads to the Next, featuring video works produced during the residency as well as a series of objects, curated by Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei, director of the Department of Eagles in Tirana. ZETA Center for Contemporary Art is a non-profit exhibition space founded in 2007 by Valentina Koça in Tirana, Albania.

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