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Cover of book titled The Romanian Sentiment of Being

The Romanian Sentiment of Being

Constantin Noica

Octavian Gabor

Elena Gabor

The Romanian Sentiment of Being invites the readers to meditate on the fundamental theme of being and how it is expressed in a culture in time. This being in time marks the tension between moment and eternity, captured in the fairytale “Ageless Youth and Deathless Life” (“Tinerețe fără batrânețe și viață fără de moarte”), which Noica interprets in detail. The translation of the story will be found in the appendix. Noica also analyzes one of the most famous poems in Romanian, Mihai Eminescu’s “The Evening Star” (“Luceafărul”), and readers will find its translation in the appendix. Constantin Noica (1909–1987) described his life as the autobiography of an idea and planned to write a book with the same title. Octavian Gabor is Professor of Philosophy at Methodist College. Elena Gabor, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Communication at Bradley University, Peoria, IL, where she teaches and conducts research in organizational communication.

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