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Cover of book titled Broken Narrative: The Politics of Contemporary Art in Albania

Broken Narrative: The Politics of Contemporary Art in Albania

Armando Lulaj

Marco Mazzi

Brenda Porster

Keiko Tomii

Broken Narrative provides an extensive reflection on history, politics, and contemporary art, revolving around the cornerstones of the artistic practice of Albanian artist Armando Lulaj. The core of the book is formed by and extended interview of Lulaj by Italian artist and writer Marco Mazzi. This inquiry starts in the year 1997, a year of social and political upheaval in Albania, of anarchy, controversies and emigration, of toxic seeds of neoliberalism sprouting in an already wounded country, and continues to the present day, where politics, hidden behind art forms, has practically destroyed (again) every different and possible future of the country. Armando Lulaj was born in Tirana in 1980. He is a writer of plays, texts on risk territories, filmmaker, and producer of conflict images. Marco Mazzi (1980) is an Italian photographer and writer living and working between Florence, Tokyo, and Tirana.

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