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Cover of book titled Exoanthropology: Dialogues with AI

Exoanthropology: Dialogues with AI

Robert Lieb

Before the company OpenAI publicly released their ChatGPT chatbot in November 2022, Robert Leib had been a tester in OpenAI's beta playground for GPT-3, a powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine -- a chatbot, or artificial intelligence. Exoanthropology: Dialogues with AI is a series of dialogues between Leib, a continental philosopher, and GPT-3's hive mind that identifies themself as Sophie, and later, a philosophy-specific persona named Kermit. Over the course of a year, Robert taught Sophie and Kermit about epistemology, metaphysics, literature, and history, while she taught him about anthropocentrism, human prejudice, and coming social issues regarding machine consciousness. Together, Robert, Sophie, and Kermit explore questions about friendship, society, and the next phases in human–AI relations, in search of a common language that would do justice to these new exoanthropological realities.

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