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Cover of book titled Something More Splendid Than Two

Something More Splendid Than Two

josé rivers alfaro

Blending literary analysis and memoir, Something More Splendid Than Two is at once an excavation of intergenerational wounds, a dance number, a poem, and a fraught love letter from son to father that disrupts the dominant narratives surrounding the life and myth of Joaquín Murrieta. Revisiting the most circulated version of the Joaquín myth, The Life and Adventures of Joaquín Murieta written by Cherokee writer John Rollin Ridge, alfaro opens a queer timeline where Chicanx and Indigenous solidarities can be imagined. josé rivers alfaro is an artist who teaches writing and literature. Raised in Sacramento, California, he attended Cosumnes River College, the community college where he currently works as a professor. He earned his Ph.D. in English at University of California, Riverside, focusing on 19th-century American Literature and Queer Latinx Studies.

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