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Cover of book titled Abruptly Dogen

Abruptly Dogen

Kidder Smith

In the thirteenth century Dogen brought Zen to Japan. His tradition flourishes there still today and now has taken root across the world. Abruptly Dogen presents some of his pithy writings — startling, shifting, funny, spilling out in every direction. These writings come from all seventy-five chapters of his masterwork, the Eye of Real Dharma (Shōbōgenzō 正法眼藏), and the poems roam through mountains, magic, everyday life, meditation, the nature of mind, and how the Buddha is always speaking from inside our heads. For many years Kidder Smith taught East Asian history at Bowdoin College. With punctum books, he previously published Li Bo Unkempt (with Mike Zhai). His other translations include Having Once Paused, poems of Zen Master Ikkyū (with Sarah Messer, University of Michigan Press).

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