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Cover of book titled The Non-Library

The Non-Library

Trevor Owen Jones

The Non-Library is a non-standard expression for life that is lived without mediation from words, images, or even ideas. While a thing called “the Library” continues to terrorize humanity even as it enters its last stages as a consequence of cataclysmic climate change and late capitalism, the Non-Library is a strictly performative, ahistorical immanence that suspends the Library’s insistent calls to categorization, representation, and reification. With commentary on Derrida’s Archive Fever, a deconstruction of Fichte, a para-biographical meditation on librarianship, and a vamping on the possible “Non-Virgil,” The Non-Library gently proposes a negative capability in liminal spaces in order to best escape and resist the Library’s stranglehold on human knowledge and its requisite social imaginations. Trevor Owen Jones is a librarian and writer, and lives in San Diego, California.

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